Rocking the Spectrum (and Life) With Dina Kimmel – L.A. Parent

June 11, 2014 | In:

Dina Kimmel rocks, proving daily that this mother’s love knows no bounds.
When her daughter, Sophia, was born in 2004, everything went as planned. Sophia developed normally, was an early talker (at age 1) and interacted appropriately with children and adults. Dina and her husband, Tim, were easing into parenthood.
In 2007, the Kimmels welcomed son Gabriel. Sophia was happy to be a big sister, and Dina and Tim were thrilled to have a new baby boy. But something was different this time. “I took Gabriel to a mommy-and-me class when he was 18 months old, and I knew something was wrong,” says Kimmel. “The doctors wouldn’t listen to me.” Kimmel persisted, and in 2009 Gabriel was diagnosed with autism. Read more