Frequently Asked Questions


What is We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym?

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym (WRTS) is an indoor playground franchise opportunity that provides sensory-safe play spaces for all kids, with a focus on children with autism and special needs.

Each of our gym locations features twelve specially-designed sensory play structures which are kid-approved and encourage inclusive play. Each franchise location also offers a variety of inclusive programming designed so all kids can participate and socialize.

What are the Benefits of a We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym Franchise?

Becoming a franchisee offers the protection of a proven business model and the benefits of our knowledge and resources. We have weathered the bumps and bruises of starting a business so you don’t have to. Every new owner is enrolled in We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym’s new launch business and marketing training program, and our Corporate team will be with you every step of the way.

A franchise allows for a turn-key, proven business model to execute on – so you can spend less time worrying about your business, and more time running your business. You will have the support of a corporation full of like-minded individuals, recognized brand trademarks, and an extended family of gym owners to lean on when you need to.

How Does WRTS Franchise Support New Owners?

Our franchisee support is designed to help you launch your business with a bang: a custom set of marketing materials, social media training, your own website, and someone to help answer your questions about starting a new franchise. We have Corporate offices on both the west and east coasts that can assist with whatever needs you may have.

In other franchises, you would have to find your own marketing and website support. At WRTS, we understand that opening a franchise is a big step – that’s why we help you start strong.

As a Franchise Gym Owner, What Flexibility do I Have?

Each WRTS location is unique, meaning they each follow the franchise’s specific guidelines regarding the twelve required pieces of sensory-safe equipment and the programs that are offered, but each location offers a unique size, layout, and program selection.

We have locations that are small and cozy for family and small group play, while other gyms are wide open with lots of places for occupational therapists to come and use the facility with a child. Some of our gyms are focused on specific classes and programs, and others offer a variety of programs for age groups from toddlers through to high school.

You will have the ability to create programs and offer classes as long as they have been approved by the Corporate offices as appropriate for We Rock the Spectrum Franchise. We encourage you to be creative, to find new ways to help children, and to offer what is best for your community.

Does WRTS have a Good Reputation in the Community?

Yes, the community is what helps make our gym locations possible. We routinely host a variety of community-based events each month, which are great for networking and developing relationships with other business owners in your area. WRTS strives to build a community in every area that it’s located — as well as worldwide — to provide support, inclusion, and opportunities for children who have ASD and for their parents. To learn more, check out We Rock the Spectrum in the press.

Can I Read the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

Yes, after signing a non-disclosure agreement, you will have access to our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Click here to get started.

What Does It Cost To Open a WRTS Gym Franchise?

The initial fee to open a We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym franchise is between $50,000 and $60,000 USD depending on the size of your desired location and the total investment amount ranges between $157,000 – $332,000 (including the franchise fee). This includes twelve pieces of specialized sensory gym equipment, which are in every WRTS Gym location worldwide.

The costs of opening your physical gym location will vary based on size, location, and local market factors.

What Do I Need to Do if I Want to Open a WRTS Gym?

If you’re interested in opening your own We Rock the Spectrum, we encourage you to check out our Getting Started page. Once done, someone from our Corporate Office will reach out and contact you directly to discuss your desire in opening a We Rock the Spectrum and to learn more about your story with autism and special needs.

I Still Have Questions. How Can I Get in Touch?

Please use our contact form or call us at our Corporate Office. The number is (818) 996-6620. We look forward to hearing from you!