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We have seen so many families come in and meet new friends and network with each other for other resources in the area that can benefit their child. We are unlike any other program in the Jacksonville area, and we feel honored that our parents trust us to help build upon the skills their children have and can be a safe place for them to be who they are!

As professionals in the field, we were currently providing private ABA therapy through a local clinic in the Jacksonville area. We knew we loved ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) but knew we could incorporate our therapy in a sensory-enriching environment which would contrive more motivation from the children. You can learn at the table – BUT you can ALSO learn through play! Read More

Marissa and Lea, FL

They needed a place to feel welcome, a place where they never had to say, “I’m sorry”, a place where all of their children, with or without disabilities, could have their needs met and simply have fun!

ballston spa gym owner daughterI am an Occupational Therapist, and I worked at a wonderful school for children diagnosed with developmental disabilities. It was there that this mission just continued to call me. After each and every annual meeting with families, one of the biggest things that families wished for was a place they could take their children where their needs could be met and where their children and their families could feel welcome and have fun together. Read More

Eva Millard, NY

I can’t even tell you the number of parents who come into the gym and they just start crying. They feel so safe here — and that’s what it’s about.

My husband and I were very passionate about bringing a resource to the community, specifically for children with special needs as well as their typically developing siblings or peers. When we were researching equipment, we came across We Rock the Spectrum and we just remember thinking “This is exactly what we want to do and what we believe in!” Read More

Jessica Sills, NY

At our “We Rock” gym, we have seen children try a see-saw for the first time, initiate communication for their favorite zip-line swing, take the hand of another child with a smile to engage in their first social interactions. The reactions of their parents, who are witnessing these moments with us are priceless.

After hearing too many stories with unhappy endings for my families, I decided to look for something more. Marissa approached me with “We Rock the Spectrum” and I just knew this is what I was meant to do and bring to all the special needs families here in Jacksonville. Read More

Marissa Chunn & Lea Wells, FL

To have families leaving and saying how they feel “at home” with us brings us so much joy and shows that what we are doing is bigger than just providing a safe and fun environment for children to come together.

We can all attest to how scary and difficult at times it can be to open up your own business. This journey was long and required all of our family and friends’ support to make this dream a reality. Waking up every day now though, knowing that we are helping the children of our community makes every step and setback we faced more than worth it in the end. Read More

Barb, Jenn & Nicole, PA

When special needs children come in smiling, laughing, and playing with others, we know we made the right choice. We are creating awareness in our community and promoting inclusion!

We opened in November of 2016 and have enjoyed getting to know and learn from other owners. Being former teachers, it has been a great experience to have the chance to learn the business side of things and still be able to fulfill our passion of working with kids and making their lives a better place. Read More

Jenna Pignato & Sarah Callahan, FL