The Owners

We Rock the Spectrum Edwardsville Owners

As a Midwest Regional Training Facility, our gym has become a resource for parents in our area. Not only has it become a safe place for children to play, but also a place for parents to call when they are looking for therapists, IEP assistance, advice, or even hair stylists.

Mike and Jennifer Range, IL

Through We Rock the Spectrum, I have made friends from all over the country. Even though I haven’t met all of them in person, I consider all the We Rock franchise owners to be my friends and fellow warriors.


Providing an inclusive place for families to bring their kids of different ages and various abilities has been the main benefit. We Rock the Spectrum – Fort Myers gym has created a space where children can bond and play together without having to say sorry.

Vandana & Ankur Patel, FL

Being part of the We Rock family has been such a rewarding experience. I never thought I would find my passion, but ever since opening my own gym, I have realized my passion is to help children like my daughter feel safe while helping them reach their highest potential.


Meet the Owners Columbus

Being a part of the We Rock family has been wonderful. We have met so many amazing families and kids throughout our journey. And these families have grown to become our personal friends.

Lyndsey & Kirk Vidra, OH

Our journey with We Rock the Spectrum started with a news article about the We Rock the Spectrum – Fenton gym. When we learned about We Rock the Spectrum’s mission, we quickly became interested. As a teacher involved in the special needs’ community, my wife, Lyndsey, knew it was the perfect opportunity for us.


Gym owners of WRTS Dallas Kid's Gym

I have seen the gym become a major resource in the community, especially in just a few short weeks. Many of the staff members have children with autism, and it is so great to see them interacting and connecting with the families coming in. Watching families walk through the door relieved that they “Never have to say I’m sorry” anymore has been amazing to watch.

Taylor Wiesner, TX

I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and I provide ABA therapy services to children and adults with autism and other special abilities. I have sat through many meetings with parents who were devastated that they couldn’t take their children to do and enjoy typical things. This motivated me to provide a place where not only they could come to, but also where we could spread autism awareness within the community.



We have seen so many families come in and meet new friends and network with each other for other resources in the area that can benefit their child. We are unlike any other program in the Jacksonville area, and we feel honored that our parents trust us to help build upon the skills their children have and can be a safe place for them to be who they are!

Marissa and Lea, FL

As professionals in the field, we were currently providing private ABA therapy through a local clinic in the Jacksonville area. We knew we loved ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) but knew we could incorporate our therapy in a sensory-enriching environment which would contrive more motivation from the children. You can learn at the table – BUT you can ALSO learn through play!


They needed a place to feel welcome, a place where they never had to say, “I’m sorry”, a place where all of their children, with or without disabilities, could have their needs met and simply have fun!

Eva Millard, NY

I am an Occupational Therapist, and I worked at a wonderful school for children diagnosed with developmental disabilities. It was there that this mission just continued to call me. After each and every annual meeting with families, one of the biggest things that families wished for was a place they could take their children where their needs could be met and where their children and their families could feel welcome and have fun together.


To have families leaving and saying how they feel “at home” with us brings us so much joy and shows that what we are doing is bigger than just providing a safe and fun environment for children to come together.

Barb, Jenn & Nicole, PA

We can all attest to how scary and difficult at times it can be to open up your own business. This journey was long and required all of our family and friends’ support to make this dream a reality. Waking up every day now though, knowing that we are helping the children of our community makes every step and setback we faced more than worth it in the end.


Being part of the We Rock the Spectrum family has given us the opportunity to bring real JOY to so many deserving people within in our community and beyond.

Consuelo Davis, TX

From the day we opened our doors, we have heard parents, grandparents, other family members, therapists, community members and of course KIDS express how much they LOVE We Rock the Spectrum. By providing a safe place for children of all abilities, we’re truly changing the lives for many families, and that is amazing to see.


I knew that I wanted to bring We Rock the Spectrum to the special needs community in Clearwater, Florida.

Janet Burrows, FL

Most of the kid’s gyms here in Clearwater are geared towards specific activities or sports but nothing that is inclusive and sensory specific. There was no place for my daughter to go to so I decided to make it happen myself.


I’m the number one fan of We Rock the Spectrum and I’m happy to be a part of the WRTS Family!

Dana and Henry Aghassi, CA

We Rock the Spectrum has given me the great opportunity to grow in the company and to own my own gym, and I would suggest anyone who has a passion for special needs, or loves working with children, or even who just wants a loving community to be a part of to check it out. I’m the number one fan of We Rock the Spectrum and I’m happy to be a part of the WRTS Family!


We Rock the Spectrum changed me and made me become more aware of autism.

Gail and John Field, FL

We Rock the Spectrum has made such a huge impact in my life, both professionally and personally. It changed me and made me become more aware of autism. I keep learning and growing as I go. I’ve met so many great people in our community and most importantly, watching my son grow and develop has been the biggest reward. I couldn’t be more thankful for We Rock the Spectrum.


Dina and the entire We Rock team and family have impacted my life in such a big way that I am eternally grateful for their love, support, and mentorship

Sabrina Lu, CA

I have had the great opportunity to be surrounded by an amazing group of people who are involved with WRTS. The structure and support that Dina and her team have put together is extraordinary. I cannot imagine going through this process without their support. Dina has such a strong combination of business savvy and dedicated purpose behind all she does. It is impossible to have something like this without people who have a lot of heart. It can be exhausting mentally and physically and having that support there to guide you and motivate you makes a world of difference. Dina and the entire We Rock team and family have impacted my life in such a big way that I am eternally grateful for their love, support, and mentorship.