Getting Started

Getting Started

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Ready to join our international network of gym owners who are making a difference in their community every day? We are looking for owners who are involved in the special needs community and who are eager to bring inclusion for ALL children.

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How Does the WRTS Gym Franchise Business Model Work?

We Rock the Spectrum is the only public, sensory-safe gym that caters to all children ages one year and older. The WRTS business model has been tested in many different communities, with many types of owners, and consistently proves successful. Once you become a WRTS Kid’s Gym franchise owner, you will become a part of the growing We Rock community where you will have full access to administrative resources and proven marketing professionals, as well as a large professional support team. These professionals have extensive experience working with WRTS franchise gyms and will help to ensure your sensory gym is successful. With corporate offices on both coasts, We Rock the Spectrum strives to support its franchise owners with whatever they may need.

Owners of We Rock the Spectrum Franchise are supported not only by their corporate team, but also by the families and members of their community. Owners are able to provide an opportunity to children on the spectrum that otherwise would not exist with their sensory gym. Because of the flexibility allowed with the We Rock the Spectrum Franchise, owners are able to provide their communities with unique classes, Open Play, parties, camps and more. Some owners even offer programs with Occupational Therapists (OT) and/or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapists at their gym. With We Rock the Spectrum, we supply the infrastructure for success and leave the creativity and fun to you.


How To Get Started With WRTS

To get started on opening your own We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym, you will first need to sign our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). After which, we will give you a call to discuss your qualifications and give you an overview with our Franchise Developer. If you meet all of our requirements and we think it’s a good fit, we will send you the FDD to review, schedule some follow up calls to discuss, send you an application and run a background check. Then you will have an interview with our CEO and Founder, Dina Kimmel, and lastly we set up validation calls with various owners so you can ask them first-hand what it’s like to open a WRTS gym.

  • Fill out contact form
  • Sign our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • WRTS qualification call & overview with a franchise developer
  • FDD review
  • WRTS follow up call to discuss FDD and application
  • Application and background check
  • WRTS call with CEO, Dina Kimmel
  • WRTS validation calls with various owners

Franchisee Requirements

Whether you have a child with special needs, or work with children with special needs, passion for helping children and bettering your community is what we look for in our owners. See our list of what we look for below. Sound familiar? If you think we’re describing you, fill out our contact form, sign our NDA, and we’ll give you a call and let you know more about this incredible franchise that is more about family than business!

  • Experience with special needs children
  • Passion for servicing this community
  • Willingness to learn and collaborate with others
  • Ability to follow WRTS processes and business model
  • Sufficient access capital to own and operate a WRTS business
  • Great attitude

Financial Investment

The investment amount is an estimate based upon the size and location of your gym as well as the regional economics. We have had instances where the amounts can be both higher and lower, but this is a reasonable average to consider in your planning. Our franchise fee is between $50,000 and $60,000 USD depending on the size of your desired location and the total investment amount ranges between $157,000 – $332,000 (including the franchise fee). The fee also includes the 12 pieces of specialized equipment that is in each of our We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gyms worldwide.