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A resource for children with autism and parents/family members of children with autism.

The Rockin’ Resource Fair Vendors!

We’re gearing up for the Rockin’ Resource fair this Sunday, July 16th! As promised, the fair will be a chance for you to get connected with amazing special needs and autism resources from all over Southern California. Our vendors come from a variety of fields providing you with every type of resource you could need. My Brother Rocks the Spectrum Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps families receive the funding they need to participate in social skills, classes, private therapies and occupational therapy with specialized, sensory swings and equipment. ACT Today! fills a necessary gap by providing assistance for children with autism spectrum disorder who are unable to access early and intense therapies due to financial constraints. The oldest and largest grassroots organization within the autism community, The Autism Society of America has been improving the lives of all affected by autism for more than 50 years through advocacy, education, information and referral, and support. The world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual …

7 Reasons Why Our Resource Fair Will Rock!

At We Rock the Spectrum, our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, and fun environment for ALL children. From our sensory kids’ gym to our community events for families, we are constantly challenging ourselves to provide more for our communities. That’s why we are so excited for our first annual Rockin’ Resource Fair on July 16th! This will be a free event for all, but one specifically aimed at providing resources for children with autism and special needs. The fair will be an amazing opportunity to unite our community and connect everyone with the best special needs and autism resources in the area. In true We Rock the Spectrum fashion, it will also be a day full of sensory-safe fun for parents and kids! The goal of the Rockin’ Resource Fair is to promote the continued welfare of children with disabilities. With that in mind, we have teamed up with different special-needs-related businesses and non-profits that help provide much-needed resources to the communities they …

Rapid Prompting Method: A Voice for Nonverbal Autism

The saying goes “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” Nowhere is that more true than when it comes to teaching children with autism. There are many methods of teaching kids with autism but for non-verbal children, breakthroughs in education and communication are harder to come by. Parents of these children work tirelessly to tap into the unique minds that lie beneath the barrier of non-communication. One method that has proven to be successful in recent years is the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM). Developed in India by Soma Mukhopadhyay for her son, RPM has grown to have a worldwide following for its breakthrough with children and adults with severe autism — including some of our gym owners and their children. RPM involves constant, fast-paced questioning accompanied by an alphabet board that the students point to in order to spell out their answers. Over time, the students respond quicker and the curriculum and complexity of the questions advance. Therapists and parents speak highly …

Announcing Our Rockin’ Resource Fair!

Dear We Rockers, I last left you all in my previous blog with a “stay tuned.” Well today, I am excited to announce that on Sunday, July 16th, we will be throwing the first annual Rockin’ Resource Fair. My mission in starting We Rock the Spectrum has always been to unite ALL families, regardless of circumstance. When I founded We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in 2010, it was because I saw that special-needs families, like my own, did not have a safe place to bring ALL of their children. Creating a free resource fair to unite local families is just one more way that We Rock the Spectrum can help provide for our community. And in an effort to promote the continued welfare for children with disabilities, all proceeds from the event will be evenly distributed to the Autism Society, TACA, the Special Olympics, the My Brother Rocks the Spectrum Foundation, ACT Today, and Family Focus Resource Center. On July 16th, join me and …

Progressive Employment: Hiring Individuals with Special Needs

At We Rock the Spectrum, the philosophy of full inclusion resonates throughout every aspect of our business — from our gyms across the world to our corporate offices. Our mission is to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and accepted. This is why progressive employment is an important part of our company. We emphasize to all our gym owners the importance of hiring individuals with special needs. “We Rock the Spectrum only starts in the gym,” says CEO and Founder Dina Kimmel, “it then goes onto progressive employment, to donating swings to different countries for children in need, and further on. When we interview potential franchise candidates, we let them know that they must be on board with creating positions for adults with special needs — whether it’s volunteer or employment. The unemployment rate for workers with disabilities is two times that of neurotypical and able-bodied workers. Not only does this further the marginalization of individuals with special needs, but it puts businesses at a disadvantage …

Why We Are Pulling Our Sponsorship from the Autism Speaks LA Walk

Dear We Rockers, In the spring of 2009, my family and I attended my first Los Angeles Autism Speaks Walk at the Rose Bowl. My son Gabriel had been recently diagnosed and I desperately needed the empathy, education, and acceptance of the Autism Speaks community. The experience at our first walk was truly amazing and a day I will never forget. The love that surrounded the crowd and our family was contagious as people from all over had come together to walk for Autism Awareness. I left the walk feeling empowered and ready to do whatever was needed to help our son. Since our first walk with Autism Speaks, the Kimmels and Team Gabriel have attended every April for eight straight years. In that span, our team grew from our immediate family to the entire We Rock the Spectrum family. As our kids gym in Tarzana evolved into an international franchise, it was important to me to continue to support this event that had been such …

Introducing the We Rock the Spectrum Franchise’s School’s Out Program

At We Rock the Spectrum, our mission is to create environments worldwide that are inclusive, safe, and beneficial for all. We work to create places where children can play and learn together. That is why we provide services that cater to children of all abilities. For many parents of neurotypical children, they have multiple options of places where they can take their kids when school is not in session: daycares, after-school programs, summer camps. Unfortunately for parents who have children with special needs, there is a lack of resources available for them to take their children. That’s why we developed our School’s Out Program at We Rock the Spectrum — so that all families have a place to take their children. This program is designed to cater to children of all abilities. We do not turn parents or children away because of behavioral issues. We work to create inclusive environments that promote awareness and understanding. We believe that providing opportunities for neurotypical children to play alongside children with special needs promotes empathy …

We Rock the Spectrum and Walk Now for Autism Speaks 2016


On Saturday, April 2nd 2016, We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym was proud to participate in the annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks as a Community Sponsor.

Understanding Temper Tantrums and Sensory Meltdowns, and How To Reduce Them

Is that a temper tantrum or a sensory meltdown? Learning the difference between these two similar situations can help you handle them better the next time they happen. It’s important to note that for the most part tantrums and sensory meltdowns seem so similar that parents who are not familiar with autism may not even know sensory meltdowns exist.

Autism and the Need for a Special Diet


If you’re familiar with autism, then you’re probably familiar with the sensory input issues that often come hand-in-hand. More than 75% of people with autism have significant symptoms of sensory processing disorder, which is a neurological condition that occurs when the brain does not adequately process sensory signals. This can often result in irregular responses to the environment. For someone without autism, a blanket may feel soft, warm, and comforting, but for someone with autism, it can feel hot or even feel harsh against the skin.