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Meet the Gym Owners: Tom & Cynthia Tipton

June 9, 2016 | In: Gym Owners

Tom & Cynthia Tipton are the gym owners of We Rock the Spectrum – Fenton.

1. What’s your professional background?

My wife and I both have had successful careers in marketing.

2. How did you hear about WRTS?

We learned about We Rock the Spectrum from an article in The Huffington Post profiling CEO & Founder Dina Kimmel. We were immediately interested for our market and made joining the We Rock the Spectrum family an immediate priority.

3. What inspired you to become a franchisee?

With our son’s autism diagnosis, a service business like We Rock the Spectrum became a priority for us. In the future, we look forward to employing our son so he can learn helpful and productive work skills.

We saw the need in St. Louis for a different play place to serve ALL kids, including those on the autism/ADHD/Sensory disorder spectrum (who may have difficulty on traditional playgrounds), along with their siblings, friends, and just kids who like to have fun.

4. How do you see WRTS benefiting your community?

We provide a sense of belonging, community and fun for sensory families looking for safe activities for their children; in addition, we provide a healthy indoor play area where ALL kids can have fun with their families.

5. Three words to describe yourself.

Outgoing, Playful, Understanding

6. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to become a franchisee?

We advise you to embrace and enjoy the opportunity you have to service your community. This is a passion as much as a business.

7. How has We Rock the Spectrum impacted your life thus far?

Seeing how this gym can help make a difference to someone’s day is invaluable.