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California to Florida: Celebrating East Coast Corporate & WRTS – Boca Raton

May 4, 2017 | In: Events , Gym Owners

This week, our CEO and Founder Dina Kimmel is in Boca Raton, Florida for the 1-year anniversary of our East Coast Corporate Office and the 3-year anniversary of We Rock the Spectrum – Boca Raton. Boca Raton has a special place in the heart of our We Rock the Spectrum family because there, our gym grew into a nationwide franchise.

Gail Nobile Field, the now owner of We Rock the Spectrum – Boca Raton, is among our We Rock pioneers. Back in 2013, Gail found herself at a loss trying to find a safe, welcoming place for her son Jayson to play. She scoured the Internet for a solution but found that no children’s establishments in South Florida were full inclusive and would cater to Jayson. One day, however, her search led to a gym called We Rock the Spectrum, all the way in Southern California.

This was exactly what I was looking for,” Gail recalls.

Gail and her son Jayson

After a series of emails and phone calls, Gail was able to meet with We Rock the Spectrum CEO and Founder, Dina Kimmel and the rest, as we say, was history. Gail signed the papers to open her gym in Boca Raton in May of 2014, making We Rock the Spectrum a nationwide franchise.

Over the years, We Rock the Spectrum has grown immensely—60+ locations around the world, a mobile gym called We Rock on Wheels, and much more. To keep up with this amazing growth, we decided to expand our corporate team to the East Coast in 2016.

This week, we’ll see both the 3-year anniversary of We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Boca Raton and the 1-year anniversary of our East Coast Corporate Office. Such special occasions for We Rock the Spectrum calls for one big celebration!

On Sunday, May 7th the celebration takes place at We Rock the Spectrum – Boca Raton. Not only will this be a celebration of two big We Rock anniversaries, but will also be a Resource Fair for the community of Boca Raton. The event will feature:

  • Full-inclusion resource vendors
  • Delicious food donated by local establishments
  • Music by our DJs the Babalu Boyz
  • A special performance by our dance team, Dancing on the Spectrum
  • A musical performance by Brett Preiser

Most importantly, you’ll get a chance to meet We Rock the Spectrum CEO Dina Kimmel and COO Gail Nobile Field—two warriors moms who are the heart of We Rock the Spectrum. Hear their stories, share in their vision, and celebrate this movement of full-inclusion.

Soul Sisters. Dina Kimmel and Gail Nobile Field.

We hope to see you on Sunday!

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