Janet Burrows

Janet Burrows

Janet Burrows is the gym owner of We Rock the Spectrum – Clearwater.

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym has been growing exponentially over the past year with over 24 gym locations, and counting. With a new year comes new and exciting projects. We Rock the Spectrum is comprised of ambitious, smart, and passionate gym owners. Since we are growing so fast, we’d like to share the stories of all of our gym owners, new and old. We’re excited to bring We Rock the Spectrum to Clearwater, Florida and to introduce you to new gym owner, Janet Burrows.

Janet became a franchisee in September of 2014 and just signed her lease on January 7, 2015! We couldn’t be more excited for her. Here’s a brief introduction and glimpse into how and why she decided to take the We Rock plunge.

1. How did you hear about WRTS?

I was searching for a place for my place daughter to go to by conducting a simple google search. I searched for “sensory gym” and the We Rock the Spectrum location in Tarzana popped up so I decided to check out their website. As soon as I saw their website, I knew that I found something incredibly powerful. This happened back in September of 2014.


2. What is your professional background?

I currently work as a hair stylist. I can’t wait until we open our doors in Clearwater, Florida.


3. What inspired you to become a franchisee?

Honestly, it didn’t take much. After speaking with Dina and listening to her story and passion for what she does for her community and the special needs community at large, I was immediately inspired. I knew that I wanted to be a part of her journey and do the same for the special needs community in Clearwater, Florida.


4. How do you see WRTS benefiting your community?

Much like why Dina started We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym; there is nothing like it here. There are no gyms where it is open to all kids of all abilities, unless you are a natural born athlete or a dance studio or gymnastics. Most of the kid’s gyms here in Clearwater are geared towards specific activities or sports but nothing that is inclusive and sensory specific. There was no place for my daughter to go to so I decided to make it happen myself.


5. How would you describe yourself in three words?

That’s a tough one as I see myself in many different ways but if I had to choose I would say I am extremely determined, outgoing, and naturally being a hair stylist; a good conversationalist. I’d like to add fiercely loyal even though that makes four words.

It is gym owners like Janet that makes We Rock the Spectrum so special. As the corporate franchise, we are very excited to have Janet represent us in Clearwater, Florida. Stay tuned as her rockin’ journey unfolds. If you are interested in making a difference in your community and would like more information on how to become a franchisee, please contact us at 818-996-6620 or email us at info@wrtsfranchise.com.