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What is an Inclusive Summer Camp?

June 5, 2015 | In: Why We Rock

Our camps are unique from others by incorporating special needs and typically developing children in an inclusive play environment. This allows all children to grow together and learn from each other. Typically developing children will learn patience, tolerance, guidance and the ability to support their friends with special needs. Special needs children will have the opportunity to interact for an extended period of time with their typically developing friends and feel the support, care and encouragement given by their new friends.

At WRTS Franchise, the owners of our gyms have found that a summer camp is a unique opportunity to give children of all abilities the chance to learn how to do something new.

A Welcoming Camp Environment

Each day begins with circle time. This provides kids an opportunity to get to know and learn about one another. Our inclusive summer camp environment assures that at least one-third of campers in each group are children with special needs.

WRTS also offers one-on-one attendant care during the camps to help kids who are on the moderate to severe end of the spectrum facilitate play and social interaction with the other campers.

Fostering Inclusion with Technology

Thanks to the development and availability of adaptive technology, kids with special needs can come to camp with speech devices and other tools to help them with social interaction. As camp develops, we often see typically developing children assisting campers when they have difficulty with their devices, cooperating in order to make sure every kid has fun.

Creative & Educational Group Activities

Children will learn new skills such as cooking, arts and crafts, music and more! We also put a large focus on learning communication, tolerance, patience and other social skills.

A series of arts & crafts, story time, music classes, yoga, and gymnastics are just a sampling of the activities We Rock The Spectrum summer camps have offered children in the past.

Children who attend our camps are also taught sign language, another piece of our inclusive plan, helping typically developing children communicate with non-verbal friends on the spectrum.

Benefits for Parents

Many parents have more than one child and the challenge of attending a variety of camps can be exhausting. It becomes even more of a challenge when you have one child who has special needs and one who is neurotypical. With camps at WRTS, parents can have all their children in the same camp together.

Looking Back

WRTS - 2010 Camp1Our first ever camp was in 2010, and we called it the “Rock and Roll Camp.” We had our staff, parents and campers all dressed in Rock and Roll costumes. This fun and inclusive experience showed us kids could easily handle being together in this setting and learn and play with one another.

Having a great time and learning together is the main focus of our camps at We Rock the Spectrum. With an inclusive philosophy and positive environment, your child is sure to come home having learned some new skills and abilities as well as making some great new friends.