We Rock the Spectrum – Roswell Atlanta Is Open for Private Facility Rental

September 15, 2020 | In: Gym Owners , News

On August 31st, We Rock the Spectrum – Roswell Atlanta opened its doors as a Private Sensory Facility Rental to the Atlanta community! This is an exciting gym opening for Georgia, as this will be the first of many We Rock locations in the state! During this time, We Rock the Spectrum – Roswell Atlanta will be offering low capacity services, such as private sessions, Open Play sessions, and respite, to children of ALL abilities and their families.

Angela and Jeff Erisman are the new owners of the We Rock the Spectrum – Roswell Atlanta facility. They are parents to two boys with autism, Grant and Coop. When they began their journey of seeking treatment and therapy for their boys, it didn’t take long to discover the difficult road ahead of them. Thankfully, they found a We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in their area – a safe and therapeutic place where their kids and neurotypical nephews could play and have fun together. This gym was exactly what they needed! When the Erisman family had to move to the Atlanta area for work, they decided to bring We Rock the Spectrum along with them and open one for the Roswell and Atlanta special needs communities. Both Angela and Jeff are excited to provide a place where no one ever has to say, “I’m Sorry!” to their new community!

On their first day of opening, We Rock the Spectrum – Roswell Atlanta was fully booked for their Fall Camp Program! The gym offered onsite tutoring sessions to assist with We Rockers’ online school work, as well as a range of sensory-fulfilling activities from arts & crafts, music and games, and “recess” Open Play. We Rockers had the opportunity to do their school work in a fun sensory play environment! 

To ensure the safety of their We Rockers, all visitors must pre-book their sessions with We Rock the Spectrum – Roswell Atlanta. All services will be held at low capacities to limit exposure in accordance with Atlanta city and state guidelines. In addition, all staff and participants will be asked to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines. Throughout the day and in-between sessions, the gym will be cleaned and disinfected by staff according to EPA and CDC standards. 

Thank you to our new Atlanta We Rock community for supporting us during this unprecedented time! We are so excited to see what the Erisman family and the Roswell Atlanta staff have in store for We Rock the Spectrum – Roswell Atlanta! Let’s ROCK!