Sensory Gym, the First Facility for Adults and Children with Special Needs, Set to Open on Staten Island – NY1

December 1, 2016 | In:

The first gym for children and adults with special needs on Staten Island is expected to open in December.

It includes a mini zip line specifically designed for children with special needs. Andrew Grosso first tried it in Florida. The 5-year old Staten Islander has autism.

“It brought him joy. It brought him smiles. He got that sensory input which is what we are. We are a sensory gym. It gave him that input that he craves,” said James Grosso.

James and Adrienne Grosso are Andrew’s parents. They are opening a gym on Veterans Road West with the zip line and all kinds of equipment for children and adults with disabilities. It is the first of its kind on Staten Island.

“There is a large special needs population on Staten Island. It’s something that’s sorely needed,” said Grosso.

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