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We Rock the Spectrum gym rocks for all kids – Virginia Gazette

July 19, 2017 | In:

A young child, maybe 6 years old, throws a tantrum near the supermarket entrance. It’s easy to rush to judgment, questioning the parents’ apparent inability to discipline their child. But perhaps, there’s more to the story that the casual observer might miss.

For that child and those parents, We Rock the Spectrum Kids’ Gym is a welcome respite from the glares and preconceived notions of strangers.

Lena and Mike White opened the gym on John Tyler Highway in May. They have four children; their 6-year-old, Brayden, is on the autism spectrum. He began showing signs as an infant, like delayed milestones and not making eye contact. What really caught his parents’ attention: he wouldn’t react to falling and hitting his head, but he would act as if in pain from an action like his mom trying to hold his hand.

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