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National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Introducing Jackie & Shawn!

October 25, 2018 | In: Autism Resources , Events

The next people we’d like to introduce in honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, are Jackie & Shawn from We Rock the Spectrum – Jacksonville!

Jackie & Shawn are volunteers through the North Florida School for Special Education. The North Florida School for Special Education has partnered with WRTS – Jacksonville for 3 semesters now servicing a total of 6 students. (2 per semester)

Upon arriving at the gym, both employees begin a Cleaning Task Analysis that encompasses the entire gym. This list will explain what cleaning materials to use, what materials to clean, and the cleaning tools needed. They begin at the top and work all the way to the bottom! Tasks vary from sweeping & mopping floors, sanitizing toys, wiping equipment, etc. The two boys also greet their members as they are working in the gym.

Jackie has been with Jacksonville for 2 semesters now, and they have seen a significant increase in independence around the gym (grabbing supplies, task completion, transitioning between jobs) where his mentor is able to fade prompts and allow him to complete the workday on his own! Jackie always greets everyone  with a smile, is great with the members in the gym as they play, and we hear he is excited to come to work each week and be a part of the team!

“My favorite job I do at the gym is sweep the floor. I like to sweep the foam floor. You can use the dust mop or the broom. I also like the trampoline to jump for a little bit after lunch.” – Jackie

“Jackie and Shawn bring a fun, productive energy in to the gym! They provide an invaluable service, helping us maintain a safe & cleanly environment while they get the opportunity to practice daily living skills such as following a task list, cleaning skills, and social skills with novel adults and children! We are honored the North Florida School for Special Education chose us to be a learning environment for these young adults that will generalize into their daily lives as they grow. They greet us each week with a smile ready to work!” – Marissa Chun, Owner of We Rock the Spectrum – Jacksonville

Keep on Rockin’ Jackie & Shawn!