Sabrina & Sameera Ekanayake

Sabrina & Sameera Ekanayake are the gym owners of We Rock the Spectrum – Whittier.

As you may know We Rock the Spectrum started in the city of Tarzana, California. After a year of franchising, we now have 25 locations nationwide and 10 located in Southern California alone. Our growth has been tremendous and we continue to find our way in new states, new cities, new towns, and ultimately in the hearts of new gym owners and their families. Two of those hearts belong to Sabrina Lu Ekanayake and Sameera Ekanayake. Sabrina and Sameera are the new gym owners and operators of We Rock the Spectrum Whittier and they both have the biggest hearts we know. We recently celebrated the Grand Opening of We Rock the Spectrum Whittier on February 21, 2015, and it was a huge success to the say the least. It was the third largest Grand Opening we’ve had thus far, and we couldn’t be more proud and excited to have such passionate and hard-working gym owners like Sabrina and Sameera on board.

We are honored to have them both as part of our growing We Rock family and excited to share Sabrina’s story with you all on today’s blog.

1. How did you hear about WRTS?

I performed a Google search. I searched for special needs gym and the Tarzana gym popped up in the search. It was the only thing of its kind. The timing of it all was ironic because I was looking for a business to either start or get involved in somehow. My father’s business was shrinking and I was looking for something to bring in more income but also find a way to be with my kids. As soon as I visited the WRTS website, I immediately filled out the franchisee inquiry form. It felt like the journey I was supposed to go through. It seemed to make sense because it would work as a business but also benefit my family.


2. What?s your professional background?

I wanted to bring something like this closer to home. We’ve visited 5 of the We Rock gyms in LA and knew that it had to be closer and there was only one way to do that is, to open a gym myself.


3. How do you see WRTS benefiting your community?

Even since our Facebook page has been live, the impact made on our community has already been evident by their response on social media alone. It was apparent that We Rock would be welcomed in the community and that there is nothing out there like it and so that created a lot of excitement. Now, that we are open for business I know that it will build a sense of community and provide the support needed for children and parents alike.


4. Three words to describe yourself?

I would have to say that I am extremely dedicated, very energetic, and patient. I am especially very patient with my kids, although not so much during the construction of the gym. I was very eager to open our doors!


5. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to become a franchisee?

Dig deep down in your heart and see if the We Rock mission is something you are passionate about. It can be about bringing something wonderful to the community. Dedicating that time is a reward in and of itself, but you need to have the passion to drive you and keep you going.


6. How has We Rock impacted your life thus far?

I have had the great opportunity to be surrounded by an amazing group of people who are involved with WRTS. The structure and support that Dina and her team have put together is extraordinary. I cannot imagine going through this process without their support. Dina has such a strong combination of business savvy and dedicated purpose behind all she does. It is impossible to have something like this without people who have a lot of heart. It can be exhausting mentally and physically and having that support there to guide you and motivate you makes a world of difference. Dina and the entire We Rock team and family have impacted my life in such a big way that I am eternally grateful for their love, support, and mentorship.

We are so lucky to have gym owners like Sabrina and very excited to be able to offer the We Rock experience to the Whittier community. If you’re interested in learning more about franchising opportunities and how you can make an impact in your community, then please give us a call at 818-996-6620 or email us at and let’s chat.