Sabina Sandoval

We Rock the Spectrum Redondo Beach Owner

1. How did you first hear about We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym?

I was introduced to We Rock the Spectrum when I was asked to have a drumming event at We Rock the Spectrum – Woodland Hills. As soon as I walked in the gym, I was blown away with excitement! Seeing kids of ALL abilities put aside their differences to play was an incredible sight. Instinctively, I told the Woodland Hills owner that they should open one in South Bay, never thinking it would be me, Sabina.

A year later, I decided to open my own We Rock the Spectrum after wanting to create something of my own. I knew I could complement Dina’s beautiful vision with Free To Be Me Drum Circle, my non-profit organization, and it has grown into this amazing, beautiful collaboration that I am incredibly proud of to this day.

2. What inspired you to open up your We Rock the Spectrum gym?

I really wanted to help others and create a place with freedom, music, laughter, art, and play. Especially with a brother on the spectrum and my work with kids of special and different needs, I was definitely driven and inspired to open my own We Rock the Spectrum gym.

3. What is your background with the special needs community?

I have been serving the special needs community for the last 20 years with my non-profit organization, Free To Be Me Drum Circle, which is an icon in the beach cities and beyond. I also taught an after-school enrichment program, working with the most vulnerable people on the planet, through my rhythmic drumming events.

We Rock the Spectrum Redondo Beach

4. What has been the most inspiring moment at your gym?

Oh my goodness, every moment is inspiring. When we bring all the kids together, there’s no segregation or discrimination or lack of understanding; only tons of love and acceptance. We have created a place where everybody can come and remember to celebrate each other through art, music and play – where children can fly like Peter Pan, paint like Picasso, and drum like Ringo Starr!

5. What is your favorite piece of equipment in the gym?

Every piece of equipment is my favorite as long as the children are soaring, flying safe, and having a groovy time. The music room is amazing to me because I get to see the reaction, the excitement, and the change in others through the music. I love the art room too for its vibrant colors and creativity.

Essentially, I love every part of this gym that creates love, music, and laughter.

We Rock the Spectrum Redondo Beach

6. How have you seen We Rock the Spectrum benefiting your community?

I have seen my We Rock the Spectrum gym become a staple for kids and parents! It’s amazing to see children of ALL abilities play together, make music, and be themselves with no judgement. And, my gym has become a community gathering space even for parents, a common area where they come together and speak about their children and their experiences while learning from each other. It’s just an incredible feeling to see my work bring a positive impact to my community.

7. How has being a part of the We Rock family impacted your life so far?

Being a part of the We Rock family has been a blessing. Every part of this amazing experience has been a learning process for me and has helped me grow as an individual, here on the planet. Dina Kimmel has been a tremendous supporter of mine from the start, and now I consider her to be family!