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Introducing the We Rock the Spectrum Franchise’s School’s Out Program

December 15, 2016 | In: Autism Resources , Why We Rock

Why Does the We Rock the Spectrum Franchise Have a School’s Out Program?

12120172_1648865702038825_7854916046515257931_oAt We Rock the Spectrum, our mission is to create environments worldwide that are inclusive, safe, and beneficial for all. We work to create places where children can play and learn together. That is why we provide services that cater to children of all abilities.

For many parents of neurotypical children, they have multiple options of places where they can take their kids when school is not in session: daycares, after-school programs, summer camps. Unfortunately for parents who have children with special needs, there is a lack of resources available for them to take their children. That’s why we developed our School’s Out Program at We Rock the Spectrum — so that all families have a place to take their children.

What Makes We Rock the Spectrum’s School’s Out Program Different?

This program is designed to cater to children of all abilities. We do not turn parents or children away because of behavioral issues. We work to create inclusive environments that promote awareness and understanding. We believe that providing opportunities for neurotypical children to play alongside children with special needs promotes empathy and understanding. Not only that, but we’ve found that neurotypical children are some of the best helpers when it comes to assisting with children with special needs.

Are All School’s Out Programs the Same at Every Location?

10633616_1606526496272746_5117082580408961435_oNot at all! Each of our gyms feature 10 pieces of required equipment and services such as Open Play, We Rock Care, Birthday Parties, and Private Playdates. However every gym is different for how it runs its School’s Out Program. At We Rock the Spectrum, we praise the differences between our gyms and encourage our unique owners to play to their strengths. That’s why we allow our owners the flexibility to schedule and plan their own individual programs. Some programs offer classes, music, snacks/lunch, arts and crafts, and more!

How Can I Find School’s Out Programs That Are Happening Near Me?

Make sure to check out our locations page to find the We Rock the Spectrum that’s closest to you, or to learn about We Rock the Spectrum gyms that are opening soon! Once you’ve found a gym in your area, check out their website or Facebook page for more details on School’s Out Programs that they are having or planning. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can bring a We Rock the Spectrum gym to your community where you can develop your own School’s Out Program, then see our Franchise Benefits page.