Indoor Playground Franchise for ALL Kids

Indoor Playground Franchise for ALL Kids

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What is the We Rock the Spectrum franchise?

We Rock the Spectrum is an indoor playground franchise opportunity where kids play all day. We cater to children of all abilities and pride ourselves on our inclusive play environment. Each of our gyms have specialized pieces of sensory-safe equipment that help special needs children as well as developing children play and exercise.

Children with autism and special needs often struggle with managing an over-stimulating environment. They have difficulties developing appropriate social interactions and participating in structured classes that do not provide individualized attention or adaptations. At We Rock the Spectrum, classes and play opportunities are made for ALL kids.

Your gym can provide play opportunities for all kids and become a true community gathering place. We Rock The Spectrum gyms provide experiences like:

  • Open Play: Children enjoying the freedom to explore your indoor playground.
  • We Rock Care: Attendant-assisted play time and respite care.
  • Birthday Parties: Help children with autism celebrate birthdays in a sensory-safe environment!
  • Private Parties: Community groups, play clubs, and families can rent your gym for a fun event.
  • School’s Out: Provide a safe place for children with autism to spend school breaks.
  • Field Trips: Host class trips at your gym to play, learn, and educate the community about autism & inclusion!
  • Parent’s Night Out: Host a night of fun and games to give parents a night to grab dinner and catch up.
  • Classes: Connect families and engage young minds with inclusive music class, dance, yoga, story time, and art classes.
  • Community Meetings: Provide a place for parents to get together and host organization meetings, training workshops, and other common spaces.
  • We Rock On Wheels: Bring a smaller, mobile We Rock The Spectrum experience to your community!

Start an Indoor Playground Franchise in Your Community!

The best thing about starting a We Rock The Spectrum gym location is that all children can benefit from our specialized, sensory-safe equipment.

Traditional indoor playgrounds do not meet the unique needs of children with disabilities. We believe that no two kids are alike, which is why we offer an indoor playground franchise where kids of all abilities can participate, enjoy, and benefit from an active environment. We encourage children who are typically developing to play alongside children with special needs. This helps to promote understanding and acceptance. We believe that when inclusion exists, all children benefit.

Our unique sensory-safe gym equipment, like the zipline, carpet swing, and hammock create unique play and sensory opportunities for children who would struggle to socialize in a typical indoor playground setting.

Why this Business Opportunity Rocks:

  • Positive International Brand Reputation
  • Rapidly Growing Customer Base and Community Need
  • Hundreds of Partnerships in the Autism Community
  • Ample Access to Business Support, Marketing Resources, and Professional Services
  • Flexible Gym Structure

Interested in Opening a We Rock the Spectrum?

You can learn more about our awesome franchise opportunity and what it means to become a part of the We Rock the Spectrum family.