Fact or Fiction: We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gyms is Ready to Re-open

May 13, 2020 | In: Autism Resources , Events , News , Why We Rock

As businesses across the U.S. are preparing for safe re-openings, We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is gearing up to welcome back our We Rockers with open arms. However, with so much misinformation and confusion surrounding the safety of re-opening, it is only natural that there are fears about returning to normal public activity.

“This quarantine has done a lot of different things for many people. It has brought out the best in the majority of us, but it has also revealed our fears,” says CEO & Founder, Dina Kimmel. “As long as you don’t let that fear take over you, then we will come out of this on top.” Under Kimmel’s leadership, We Rock the Spectrum Worldwide has been practicing strict safety precautions that have made it possible for our essential service to remain open for essential workers.

As we begin preparations to approach re-opening our doors to the community, we have received many questions around the precautions we will be taking. We are here to shed light on the fact and the fiction surrounding COVID-19 and how WRTS is preparing.

Fact or Fiction: We Rock the Spectrum has a strict re-opening safety protocol in place.


FACT! In accordance with the CDC’s Guidance Business Response, We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym has implemented a safety and sanitation protocol across ALL of our locations. Here is an overview of the steps We Rock the Spectrum is taking to create and maintain a safe environment during our re-openings:

  • All gym owners and employees will be wearing a face mask and gloves.
  • We will require all adults to be wearing some sort of face covering and highly recommend children to wear coverings as well (if able) at this time.
  • All people that enter the facility must sanitize their hands at the door and will be asked to have their temperature taken. Anyone showing signs of illness will be asked to leave and may return only after their symptoms have subsided.
  • You will be able to make payments on the We Rock the Spectrum Mobile app.
  • Social Distancing will be implemented to the best of our ability, especially by the zipline, trampoline and arts and crafts area, until further notice.
  • Toddler area will remain modified until further notice. IE: All small toys will be kept behind the counter and given to your child one at a time. All toys will be sanitized after each use.
  • Children will be allowed to use costumes on a one per child basis and will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • If you would like to purchase anything via our Rock Shop, there will be an employee to assist you.
  • Counters, door handles, and swings will be wiped down on a regular basis.
  • We will be having limited capacity at this time. Please book all services ahead of time if possible. If you need assistance, please feel free to call our location directly.
  • Refer to your state’s department of public health on a regular basis for the most up to date mandates and protocols.

Even if your state has lifted restrictions on face masks and social distancing, we are requiring that all of our facilities continue to follow this protocol for the foreseeable future.

Fact or Fiction: There has been a case of COVID-19 at a We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s gym.


FICTION! Although 75% of our locations have remained open to provide essential childcare services to healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery workers, and essential emergency personnel, there have been ZERO cases of a COVID-19 outbreak from any of our We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym locations.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have sanitized our gym and its equipment daily using our very own electric disinfectant spray system, a highly effective solution that kills 99.9% of germs, to ensure the safety of any child who walks through our doors. Dina Kimmel, who works closely with our staff at our flagship location in Tarzana, CA said, “I never feel nervous about going into my own gym because I know that our [employees] are taking good and safe precautions.”

If you would like more information on the cleaning procedures that our gyms are using, please reach out to reception@wrtsfranchise.com.

Fact or Fiction: All We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gyms will be re-opening at full capacity.


FICTION! Our utmost priority is the health and safety of our We Rockers. Similar to restaurants, our gyms will be re-opening at reduced capacities. The number of children allowed in all our gyms will be regulated at a 25% capacity. This number includes our employees.

We have also been able to provide our sensory play services to families in the Southern California area on our We Rock on Wheels bus. By limiting usage to one family at a time, this unique experience provides children AND adults the opportunity to still play together for a full two hours for only $99. Fulfilling sensory diet cravings has never been so easy!

As such, we highly recommend booking all services ahead of time, if possible. We are doing our best to make sure that our essential workers’ families are getting the services they need when they need them. However, waitlists may be necessary. Please contact your local gym to book our services in advance.

We can’t wait to finally ROCK (safely) again with our We Rockers in the upcoming months! Until there is an antiviral solution, we will continue to put your safety first so that your fears do not become realities. We strive to have our gyms be a safe haven of inclusion for so many and we will continue to provide a place of refuge for ALL children and their families during this trying time.

For more information on availabilities and our COVID-19 preventative measures, please contact your local gym.