July 27, 2014 | In: Events , Why We Rock

With the success of the first We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Tarzana, CA which had become a destination location for parents to bring children of all ability levels, the We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym team branched out and opened its first franchise location and the only kids gym in Studio City of its type. As an inclusive place for children to play and grow together the We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym was growing and developing itself.

Why is this model so successful? The reason is actually fairly simply, this gym focusses on the developmental needs of children with special needs and offers play equipment, program, classes, and activities that help children of all ability levels to grow and develop physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically. Their inclusive philosophy means for many families they don’t have to try and find more than one place to take their kids as it is sometimes hard to find more than one kids gym that fits the needs families have.

By opening their new kids gym in Studio City the franchise was off and running and able to actively serve two communities and offer awesome opportunities for growth and development to a greater audience of children than ever before. The team at We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym was now able to broaden their horizons and families in these communities now had the first kids gym if its type in their area to benefit from.

The staff at We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym is always eager to help guide and develop the growing minds and bodies of their patrons who come to the gym looking for a lot of fun, activity, positive encouragement and enthusiasm, which this staff has in plentiful quantities. By using sensory-based equipment children are more easily able to develop their motor skills, grow their muscular strength, and expand their reasoning and decision making abilities and have a lot of fun doing so.

As one of the only kids gyms that offers climbing structures, crash areas, suspended play equipment, a zip line, sensory-based toys, and plenty of creativity based activities, the We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym is a facility that can have any family very happy with their services and leaving with smiles on all faces at the end of every visit. The inclusive environment means siblings can share play time together and when coming to one of their open play sessions, parents can get involved and have an absolute blast enjoying seeing how their children play and grow together and with other children.

The We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym franchise has been featured in many magazines and on several morning television news shows featuring their unique gym style, function, and objective. With a gym that has been this well publicized and highly regarded how could anyone not want to bring their children to the We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym? The only regret any family will ever have is they didn’t get to the gym sooner, but once there they will have a great time.