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Momtrepreneurs – She Rocks the Spectrum

In honor of Mother’s Day, this issue of TRIBE pays tribute to those driven, talented women who have dedicated their lives to the growth and well-being of two sets of offspring: one of their wombs and one of their imaginations. — Dina Kimmel, a self-described “granola girl,” grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains but eventually found her way down to the San Fernando Valley. For the past 22 years, Kimmel has been a successful businesswoman, owning and operating a variety of stores in the Valley, including 15 years as owner of Lucky You, a resale clothing store. The inspiration for her newest business venture, We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym, was her son, Gabriel. Please check this link for more information

Autism Speaks and We Rock

We Rock has joined forces with Autism Speaks and raised several thousands of dollars for Autism Research. Every year the gym walks for Team Gabriel (in honor of the Kimmels son ). Please check this link for more information

Angels from Heaven Brought Down to Earth to Change Our Lives Forever….

This is a photo of our son Gabriel trying to help teach his new friend Destine how to swim. If one was to tell me 2 years ago I would be looking at this photo and reflecting on this precious moment, I would tell them it was a dream. Gabriel was diagnosed with Autism back in 2009 and could not learn how to swim until he was 5 years old. It took him to 5 different instructors before we found the angel that broke through his barriers (Mrs.Daniella Stark). Destine, his new friend, has Autism as well and to witness such love and compassion from my child has me crying as I am writing this to all of you. These moments in life stop me and thank God that I have a child with Autism. What I have learned and continue to learn from our Autism Angels is true love, compassion, devotion, patience, tolerance, and a daily reminder to never underestimate a child.

Meet my mentor in life….. Marvin Kimmel! Always pay it forward my fellow We Rocker!!!

Above is a photo of Marvin Kimmel, my children’s great grandfather and myself Dina Kimmel Founder and Ceo of WRTS, LLC at Boca Raton’s Grand Opening in April. He surprised me at the Grand Opening in Boca and I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I couldn’t stop crying. He brought me his wife’s Marilyn’s pearls as an opening good luck gift and that it was, the largest Grand Opening thus far in WRTS. When I first saw him as he walked through the door (that is the photo above) I knew a huge part of the reason I was there and opening my first nationwide franchise was due to him and the extraordinary example this man has been in my life. Marvin became successful in business many years ago by “hard work”. There is no way around it, he would tell me. As I have been on my We Rock journey, he and his wife Marilyn have been my biggest fans. They have always treated …

Early Summer Camp Signup!

Take advantage of our early sign up specials for our summer camps. Each of our locations worldwide will be having summer camp. If you feel you will qualify for a scholarship, please email us a letter stating 1. Why you think your child deserves a MBRTS grant 2. What is your child’s diagnosis and 3. How old is your child and how many days a week do you feel your child needs one of our WRTS camps.

WRTS Corporate Office Ribbon Cutting!

On April 29th, 2014 we had “The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” at our WRTS Corporate Office at 18859 Ventura Blvd in Tarzana . This was a huge moment for our company. We had a representative from the Mayor’s office, the Council members office, the Assembly office and the President of the Chamber attend with many other professionals and ambassadors of the chamber, as well as family and loved ones. Following the ribbon cutting was our event for our Non Profit MBRTS at McDonalds in Tarzana. They generously donated 20% of all food ordered between the hrs 4pm to 6pm. We look forward to the future and opening up a WRTS in an area close to you! See our link below to see the wonderful photos our photographer Kathleen Lantos captured.