7 Common Questions about Becoming a WRTS Franchisee

May 6, 2021 | In: Autism Resources , Gym Owners , Why We Rock

There are countless benefits to investing in yourself as a small business owner. Apart from becoming the master of your own schedule and success, you have the opportunity to showcase your skills, expertise, and passions to make your community a better place. All this rings especially true when it comes to becoming an owner of a We Rock the Spectrum. As the only kid’s gym of its kind, our unique business model is built around a mission of global inclusion for children of ALL abilities.

As our communities begin to adapt to a post-COVID way of life and our customer base rapidly grows, now is an opportune time to invest in yourself as a life-changing force for your community with autism and special needs. However, we understand you may have some questions about how the We Rock the Spectrum franchise sets you up for success and how to get started. We’re here to help! Here are some of the most common questions that our new owners ask:


1) What is the cost to open a We Rock the Spectrum franchise?

The estimated investment amount will vary upon the size, location, and regional economics of your gym. We typically estimate the range to be between $115,178 and $175,878. While it’s important to note that this is an approximate amount and there are instances where the total amount could be lower or higher, this is a reasonable average you can expect when you are planning.

Our initial franchise fee is $55,000 and is included in the estimated amount cited above. This fee also includes the 12 pieces of specially designed equipment that is featured in each of our We Rock the Spectrum gyms around the world. You will also receive hands-on training and assistance from CEO & Founder, Dina Kimmel, and members of the Corporate Team to guide you through your We Rock journey.

2) Once I sign the Franchisee Questionnaire and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), am I obligated to move forward? 

You are not obligated to move forward once you sign the NDA and/or Franchise Questionnaire. We understand this is a big and life-altering decision to make!

At We Rock the Spectrum, we follow a well-designed and considerate process to help you determine if this is the right fit for you and your family – both personally and professionally. Members of our Corporate Team will personally walk you through the entire process to best help you decide if WRTS is the right fit for you.

3) Was We Rock the Spectrum allowed to be open during the pandemic? 

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym was classified as an essential business for many of the communities in which we serve. However, it was ultimately up to each city and state to establish its own set of guidelines on what they classified as an essential business. Our franchise was fortunate enough to have the resources and workforce to provide essential childcare services to the essential workforce, which included healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store workers, and emergency personnel. Additionally, from March 2020 to June 2020, these services were offered for free thanks to the efforts of our non-profit organization, My Brother Rocks the Spectrum Foundation.

As businesses across the United States have prepared for safe re-openings over the course of the past year, our We Rock the Spectrum locations have also been able to provide private facility rentals and low capacity Open Play options for their community in need. Find out more about our COVID-19 protocol here.

4) Am I allowed to have some flexibility in the business model at my location? 

We Rock the Spectrum is not a “cookie-cutter” franchise. With We Rock the Spectrum gyms located in the United States and in countries around the world, we understand every community will have its unique needs. While we do have set policies and procedures that owners are required to follow, we do allow and encourage our owners to bring their ideas to our Corporate Team in order to support and help them best serve their communities.

5) How long does it take to open a location? 

Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) specifies approximately 6 months to open a We Rock the Spectrum location. However, this time frame is an estimate and your timeframe can be shorter or longer. The timing will be dependent on space availability in the territory awarded to the franchise owner, as well as the business licensing processes, such as permits.

6) Can I speak to a current WRTS owner about their experience? 

Yes! Once a candidate has been fully qualified and undergone the initial process, your franchise developer and/or a member of We Rock the Spectrum’s Corporate Team will introduce and connect you with our entire community of We Rock the Spectrum owners.

7) Am I required to be a special needs parent and/or special needs professional to own a WRTS franchise?

No, you are not required to be a parent of special needs children or a special needs professional in order to open your own We Rock the Spectrum gym. However, we do require some form of personal connection to the special needs community. Each of our WRTS franchise owners are required to support the WRTS mission of inclusion for ALL children of ALL abilities and to advocate for individuals with autism and special needs within your community.

By becoming a We Rock the Spectrum franchise owner, you are also becoming a leader of change and acceptance within your community. Having the knowledge, connections, and networking within the special needs community will only add to all of the incredible ways that you can provide for your community.

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is in its 10th year of implementing a successful business model, boasts a great reputation, works with established clientele, and has enormous marketing potential due to the increasing number of children being diagnosed with autism and sensory processing disorders.

Have more questions? We would love to meet and talk to you about beginning your We Rock journey! For more information about owning a WRTS, visit our website or reach out to our Corporate team.