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We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym was founded to provide a place for children of all ability levels to play and grow together. As the only kid’s gym that offers an all-inclusive philosophy we have found all children can benefit from our uniquely designed sensory equipment that is specifically designed to aid children with sensory processing disorders. However, in our experience, all children are able to benefit greatly from this equipment and by allowing children of all ability levels to play together they are able to learn a great deal from each other and become the best motivation for success on every level.

The Equipment

The unique sensory equipment found at We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gyms includes ten pieces of specialized equipment that is specifically designed for children with sensory processing disorders. This equipment aids them in the improvement of their sensory functions while they learn and play. The equipment is specialized, but all children can and will benefit from the use of this equipment at our gym in order to grow, improve skills, learn, and master their own body weight and movements while using this unique, dynamic and exciting equipment.

The Ten Specialized Pieces of Sensory Equipment Are:

Zip Line

The zip line is a great way to build upper extremity strength, muscle endurance, enhance the ability to integrate and tolerate movement and help give self-confidence as children challenge themselves to hold on long enough to make it to the other end.

Zip Box with Slide

The zip box is the stepping stool to be able to reach the zip line. The structure also has stairs, a ramp and slide. This unique combination works on motor planning, motor ability, and sequencing.

Crash Pit

The Crash Pit is fun and inviting for all children. It’s a perfect landing spot for the children who crave the crash-and-burn input. You can add a weighted blanket and create a calming quiet space too.


The Trampoline builds lower body strength and helps to teach balance. Children can jump or sit while working on the vestibular perception of movement in the body. This amazing ball of fun also works with the proprioceptive sense for movement in the body as communicated through the ligaments, joints and muscles.


The Tunnel offers a non-threatening cozy hideout for your child. He or she will experience various degrees of resistance as well as tactile and deep touch input.

Carpet Swing

The Carpet Swing is fun and stimulating for swinging, spinning or gliding (swinging from side to side). With the stationary eye hooks it is a great place for a child to read, do school work, or various therapies.

Hammock Swing

The Hammock Swing promotes a state of calmness allowing children to focus. It provides tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive input. The seating offers ergonomic and reclining positions for a variety of uses.

Climbing Structure

The Climbing Structure enhances the body awareness, body scheme, motor planning and bilateral coordination. The child’s body weight, combined with gravity, provides additional proprioceptive feedback to his joints, helping the child coordinate his or her movements.

Bolster Swing

The Bolster Swing is to be straddled like a horse. The pushing and pulling on the ropes gives it motion from side to side and is a great motor planning and motor sequencing activity.

Swivel Rotators/Carabiners with Webbing

Rotators give a variety of directions for children to enjoy swinging and work on the vestibular part of the brain. The webbing and carabiners offer a secure way to hang swings for children and give them a chance to enjoy the fun of not knowing exactly what direction their swing will go each time. These 3 important pieces are essential for the strength and mobility of the gym.

Because the gym was founded as a place where all can play, but specifically to target the needs of children with autism, the equipment is designed to address the dynamic nervous system of children with autism and other special needs. Allowing children to play using the sensory based equipment encourages them to expand their mind and reach new heights of ability levels. This also gives the children a chance to use their imagination and become their favorite characters while experiencing the exhilaration of climbing, jumping, swinging, crashing, crawling, running or zipping on any one of the various pieces of awesome equipment found at We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym.

The Staff

The staff at We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym is comprised of the most caring, understanding and energetic people around. We have a host of staffers and volunteers who come to us in order to assist our gym and its goal of aiding children with special needs in growing beyond the expectations of doctors and therapists.

Often a therapist for a child with special needs will attend the gym with the children in order to observe and provide their therapy while using the equipment in our gym. This allows kids the access they want to the amazing equipment while the therapist is able to take advantage of the support and availability of the staff and equipment which might not be present in other settings.

Our staff works tirelessly to provide an environment that is fun, safe, secure and educational for the children who frequent We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym. With the all-inclusive philosophy the staff shows kids how to interact properly together, show positive motivation, have a lot of fun, and just be kids while using the various equipment provided at our gym.

The staff also teaches a wide variety of classes and holds many day camps throughout the year. This gives children the opportunity to expand their learning abilities and understanding beyond what playing on the awesome sensory-based equipment can do for them. Children can learn good eating habits, master skills, learn new skills, practice social settings and have a great time while attending the classes held by our dynamic, energetic and amazing staff and volunteers.

Our Parents

The parents who bring their children to We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym are simply amazing. As a whole, our parents have embraced our philosophies and helped us work toward growing and improving many aspects of our gym. Parents of all children, regardless of ability or developmental level, have been seen volunteering, helping with many children and being a positive influence on all our kids. Without the assistance and encouragement of these fantastic parents, the children would have a very difficult time growing and improving their skills the way they do.

The Rock Shop

As our retail portion of the We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym, parents and therapists have the ability to purchase some unique and fun sensory-based toys at our retail store, The Rock Shop. Full of great fun and learning, these toys are meant to continue a child’s growth and improvement of their skills at home. Those wishing to purchase some of these awesome sensory-based toys to help their children at home can ask assistance from the staff in order to make sure they are purchasing the correct item. This gives parents and therapists an opportunity to have some of the same toys/equipment at home that are found in the small play area of the gym. Often these toys are selected based on a positive reaction children have to them at the gym which gives parents the confidence the child will enjoy the toy at home as well.